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What is UniTwo?

UniTwo is the first-ever international student networking and consulting platform, connecting you based on academic majors and interest, enabling you to meet and consult like-minded people to kickstart your college or career where users not only teach or learn but also can land their dream job or college through UniTwo's unique Marketplace.

Unique Feature


Anybody who wants to monetize their skills, knowledge, and experience by creating unique offers such as consultancy, meeting or e-tutoring.


Anyone who wants to learn anything based on their major & interest from the UniTwo community virtually or by meeting personally.


UniCoin is the virtual currency used in UniTwo. Upon signing up user receives a certain amount of UniCoin and can earn more by performing various activities in UniTwo.


A unique marketplace to match High School students with prospective University or higher education institution and job-seekers with their employers based on their major, interest and peer review.

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